About us

Zkama Barefoot offers made-to-measure shoes that are handsewn in the Czech Republic.

Set your feet free and be barefoot! Your mind will follow you! 

ZKAMA is a small company in Zlin that was founded one evening on the floor of our living room. At that time we designed our first sandals and started to dream of having our own company. 

The goal was to create barefoot shoes that draw attention, meet the features of the barefoot concept and last. After a year or so, we started to produce closed toe shoes. Now time will tell us if we made a wise decision 🙂 For the production of our footwear we use only local sources, so the materials, tools and machinery are exclusively from the Czech Republic. We count on our customer’s creativity, which is why people can come and participate actively in assembling the shoes according to their preferences or they can buy ready-to-wear shoes on our e-shop.

Who am I?

My name is Ingrid and I was born in a small village in the Moravian-Silesian region the republic. Since childhood I have always been driven by nature and animals, especially by horses. My dream was to create and sew saddles and harnesses. Even though I didn’t find anything in this field, I graduated from the Secondary Technical School of Kožařska, a designer of leather shoes in Zlin. The city has completely captivated me, so this is where I started to take roots. Over time, I started to adopt a more natural and healthier way of life by raising animals, growing my own food and having three healthy children. On top of that, I built my own barefoot shoe making workshop where I have been able to apply all the knowledge I have in this field.

An integral and essential part of our company, besides the talented people around me, is firstly my husband. I have to point out the passion with which he helps me with everything without giving up his own work, and most of all, that his trust in me and ZKAMA has always been as solid as a rock. Without his maximum support and commitment, we wouldn’t exist!

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