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In Zkama Barefoot winter shoes you will definitely shine! And not only in the city. The footwear is suitable for cold weather and since we use high quality cowhide in combination with merino wool, the inside of your shoe (and your feet) will be protected by moist and frost. The leather is made of collagen fibers that allow the skin of the foot to breathe. Zkama shoes are long lasting and flexible. Thanks to the anatomical shape, they do not restrict the foot, do not push, deform and provides comfort in everyday wear.

The Zkama Barefoot footwear mimics as closely as possible the barefoot walking, which brings great health benefits to people. The foot is a tactile organ just like a hand, and to function properly, it must not be hampered, constricted, supported, or placed in an unnatural position. When inside the shoes, the toes need enough space, and a soft, completely flat outsole which allows the muscles and bones to function properly.

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